About Us

 Sleepless Paradise Studio

We are a small French indie team. Starting our journey as friends, we decided during 2021 to pursue our dream and built Sleepless Paradise Studio. Since then, we are working on our first game, Eternals’ Path and are planning on many more to come !

« If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid. »

Sleepless paradise Studio

Meet the Team behind Eternals’ Path !

Valentin dietschin

Valentin dietschin

• Project Lead
Game Designer
• Has personnal beef with T-Shirts #FreeTheNipple

armelle mihailescu

armelle mihailescu

• Graphist
• Artistic Director
• Composed of 50% Vinegar, 30% Monster, 15% Love for Horses and 5% Pure Rage

fares  belmadi

fares belmadi

• Programmer
• Tom Cruise of Developpers : Every prototype is a Mission Impossible

quentin  LE MASSON

quentin LE MASSON

• Programmer
• Has the focus capacity of a medium-sized mossy rock

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