Death is not the End
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what if we told you death isn’t the end ?



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Turn based Strategy


Sleepless Paradise Studio



Eternals’ Path is a rogue-like, turn-based tactical RPG. It’s about choices, the ones you made, the ones you regret, and those that will haunt you to your grave, and beyond… Embody a fallen anti-hero, but no merciful rest awaits your character on the other side. Instead, your past comes after you. Explore a spiritual maze and be faced with those you knew, and who may hold you accountable for their fate.

Deep dive in the afterlife

Unique Key Features

You shall listen

Narration is an important part of the gameplay : Influence each combat by interacting with your foes. But be wary of your actions, there will be consequences !

Morality is a social construct

Use your moral compass to control and customize your level of humanity :
Your Conscience is a double-edge sword, use it as a ressource and as a weapon.

Discover who you are

Embody Anti-Heroes : Discover what they did in their past lives, gain Levels and Skills in order to escape the Passage you are trapped in !

Death is non negociable

Classic CRPG and permanent death system.

Memories weight you down

In this place, your Memories become tangible : Equip them to modify your dialogues options and your gameplay.

You won't be alone

More than 90 encounters, allies or ennemies !

What does the Gameplay look like ?

Eternals’ Path is a rogue-like, turn-based tactical RPG. It is Narrative and Strategic : Discover each character’s unique stories. Wander freely in three different procedurally generated stages, meet more than 90 enemies or allies. Before each confrontation, dialogue with your opponents and influence the outcome of each encounter. Build up experience and skills based on your own choice and on the Tokens of the Past you gathered during your exploration. And finally, escape the Passage ! 

Uncover the Whole Story

Wander freely in the three stages of the Passage, a mysterious after-life place. Created by a caring entity, it was intended to allow the souls to self-reflect between reincarnations and become better persons. Versatile and ever evolving, the place shapes itself depending of its inhabitants : Allowing them to find bribes of their memories, confronting them with their past and reminiscing those they may have hurt in their past lives.

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