Deep Dive in the Afterlife

The Passage is a mysterious world created by a caring entity to host the souls of the dead and allow them to self-reflect and heal between incarnations. It is formed of 3 distinct strata in which souls have to cross portals to reincarnate on earth.
Versatile and ever evolving, the afterlife shapes itself depending on its visitors, feeding them pieces of their past life, reminiscing hurtful memories in order to make peace with painful pasts.

However, the plasticity of the Passage may just as well be its key feature and its greatest weakness. For as it evolves with each new comer, millions of souls entering the Passage have worn out and tainted the purity of the place. Some souls, to corrupted to seek redemption, were unable to follow any form of moral compass and are forever stuck in this world between worlds. These trapped souls, infected by every worst trait of mankind, are now shaping the Passage to their image.

The Passage is divided into 3 stages. Each stage contains portals the souls need to reach and cross to achieve reincarnation.


False Paradise : A dreamy cloudy land, inhabited by religious believers, very certain to have ended in the promised after-life of their monotheists religion.

Nightmare Forest : Beneath the clouds of the 1st stage lies a pernicious place. A gloomy forest where you will come across two types of souls, those who try to survive and escape the horrors hiding in the dark, and those who prey in the dark.

And finally, the Maze : Dominated by a giant Pyramid and veined by liquified souls, the third stage of the Passage is the last step before reincarnation. However, it is fiercly guarded by mutated souls : Scientists, Fighters and Arbiters. Three casts steering the future of the place, having no mercy for others and using the essence of their victims to increase their own power.

The wanderers

When the game ends, no matter who won or lost, kings and pawns return to the same box. So many different souls call the Passage «home».
No two stories alike, yet countless are those who still hold grudges and seek revenge or retribution in the afterlife.

From the lowest scum to mighty bosses, encounter 90 characters and as many unique stories during your journey in the Passage. Take caution with the souls and fates you will be handling. You may not be prepared for what’s coming.

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