In the Passage, conscience can be quantified and serves many purposes. You can customize your characters conscience and gain passive effects unique to each character. Your decisions in game will affect the gain or loss of this resource and may depend on your characters moral compass. Your level of conscience will define your strengths and weaknesses and will influence some dialogues with NPCs. It can also be used in combat to channel powerful abilities. But be careful, the more you use the remains of your humanity, the less effects and dialogue options you will get.

You are in charge, therefore you shall bear the consequences of your decisions.

They are trapped

Incarnate morally grey characters and discover what they did, who they helped or hurt in the meadows of their conflicted past. If they manage to get through the Passage, will you make them leave as better souls or will you have them plunged even deeper into their own shadows ?

The choice is yours.

The Pillar

The Pillar is an Indian fighter, originating from the 14th century. He is a rajput warrior, wielding a traditional sacrificial blade : The Ram Dao. Noble and sacred at first sight, he might not be the pure paladin you expect.

The Free one

The Free One is a Carribean former slave, who died during the 17th century. Her many talents include crafting deadly potions and appealing on dark voodoo forces. Independant and seductive, her dark past systematically comes after her.


Tokens of the Past are objects you can find and equip during your wandering through the Passage. They are memories from your past lives that have materialised following your arrival in the Passage. However, memories are not all identical or of similar importance. Therefore, these Tokens come in a variety of shape and sizes, some heavier than others, some rarer than most. You will need to choose what to keep and equip, as you can only carry so much on your shoulders. They are all bound to different events of your past lives. The impact they had on your character and the emotions they trigger will modify your stats. They will also alter the skills your learnt, affecting the gameplay in a significative way.

Risky Gathering

Risky harvesting is a sweet childhood memory. Wandering in the untouched wilderness, collecting berries in the prickly bushes. Perhaps a friend or two at your side, mocking the scratches you made while reaching for the most prized fruits.

Assination Attempt

Ahh! Have pity on those who can’t relate to the royal banquet given back in the day. The music, the feast, the so-called friends trying to sneak poison in your wine…
Good old times.

Duel at the Top

You remember it all so clearly. Blood pounding in your veins, thunder roaring in your ears. Soaked by heavy rain you face your rival and walk towards him a weapon in your hand.
The rest is history.

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